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The Eye-Pal SOLO camera based reading and magnifying device
Eye-Pal SOLO
Our Price: $1,849.00

The Eye-Pal SOLO is a camera-based reading and magnifying device. Accurate, fast and easy to use, SOLO has provided near instant access to print to thousands of seniors. This stand-alone device requires no special training and ready to be used right out of the box. Connect it to an external monitor or home TV to view pictures, magnified text or to write a check. Weighing in about 6.5 pounds it can travel with you anywhere. The Eye-Pal SOLO reads aloud almost anything printed; books, newspapers, magazines, mail, and cookbooks, quickly and easily. It’s so simple to use that anyone, from an 80 year old blind grandmother to her three year old granddaughter, can use it right out of the box. We developed the Eye-Pal SOLO to enable anyone who is blind or visually-challenged to easily "read" the content of any printed text by listening. Take SOLO out of the box, plug it in, place a document, book or newspaper on the base of the device and, within seconds, you will hear it read aloud. To read another document, simply replace the current document with a new one. The placement of the page does not matter, so you can turn your document in any direction. There are no manuals and no complicated controls; just simplicity, speed and accuracy. A 20 year old automatic coffee maker (without all electronics they install in the new ones) is as easy to use as our Eye-Pal SOLO. Do you have to pause while reading? Just wave your hand above the page. Eye-Pal SOLO is so precise and responsive that the reading will stop immediately. To resume reading, wave your hand again and Eye-Pal Solo will continue from the correct word. more info
Sara CE standalone scanning and reading machine
SARA CE Scanning and Reading Machine

The SARA CE is a simple to use scanning and reading appliance. Just place a printed page under the camera, and the SARA CE instantly starts reading it to you with RealSpeak human-sounding speech. No computer experience is needed. You don’t even need to push a button to read almost any printed material – books, magazines, mail, and more. The camera automatically senses when a new page is presented. A built-in keypad with brightly-colored tactile keys provides access to a wealth of additional features. Pause reading, move forward and backward, or hear a word spelled out. Change the reading speed and volume. Select a different voice. Scan and read in one of 16 languages. Change the scanning mode to capture bound books, and save them on the 160GB hard drive or a USB thumb drive. Read one of the 222 classic novels that come already installed. The SARA CE talks you through each step with audible menus. There is even built-in Help and an audible onboard user manual. Connect a monitor to access the customizable low vision features. Increase the text size. Change text and background colors. Add more space between letters, and highlight words as they are spoken. In automatic mode, the SARA CE senses motion, so it knows to snap an image whenever you turn a page. Place your paperback novel sideways, and the SARA CE will snap two pages at a time. You can keep turning pages and capturing images while the SARA CE reads to you. more info
Eye-Pal Reader - Document Reader by Abisee
Eye-Pal Reader
Our Price: $1,995.00

The Eye-Pal Reader is a smart scanner/reader that reads aloud most any printed materials. This ergonomic, easily foldable and light weight device automatically detects the size of a document, instantly scans an entire 8.5” x 11” and converts it to speech. Ready to start reading right out the box, it scans without missing a line. Books stay bound while scanning. Now read even the thickest books with ease, our auto zoom camera automatically adjusts to the thickness of the book. With no buttons to push, Eye-Pal Reader will do the work for you. Place a book, document or a piece of mail on its base and, in a few seconds, the text will be read aloud. Do not worry about which way you place your printed material. Navigate through a document with the arrow keys on the keypad or with hand gestures. Patent-pending motion detector automatically senses your hand commands. No computer or computer skills required. Truly ideal for those who have difficulty reading print - blind, dyslexic, stroke victim etc. Weighing only 4.6 pounds, it is no ordinary reader. It has the ability to read small print on product packaging labels such as cans, bottles, cereal, and frozen food. Reader can read 19 different languages. Even people with 20/20 vision can’t read the fine print on a medicine bottle, but, Eye-Pal Reader can! Place a bottle under the camera, wait a moment and listen to the device reading it out loud. A thumb drive allows you to save multiple pages in multiple formats. more info
Eye-Pal ROL document reader
Eye-Pal ROL

The Eye-Pal is a simple, portable and compact document reader for blind individuals. Since it's battery powered, you can use the Eye-Pal ROL on the go, whether it's in a classroom, a meeting or a restaurant. Abisee's AutoMinder technology allows you to use the built-in calendar to remember tasks and errands. It has a tactile design, with simple buttons to capture a document, scroll through a document or go word-by-word. All the buttons rest on the device, so you can pick it up comfortably and hold it in your hands. You will no longer need to lift and find long camera arms or separated keypads. The Eye-Pal ROL reads virtually any document, including fine print on pill bottles, glossy magazines, newspapers and menus. more info
Eye Pal Ace
Eye Pal Ace
Our Price: $2,445.00

The Eye-Pal Ace is a portable and easy-to-use reader for individuals who have difficulty reading printed text. The Eye-Pal Ace has a built-in screen to display photos, magnify small objects, and enlarge text. This battery-powered, lightweight product weighs only 3.5 pounds. Read your books, letters, food packages, and prescriptions with one press of a button. Use our exclusive AudioMinder features to display a large clock, set an alarm, and get an appointment reminder.
  • Accurately and instantly scan, read, and magnify text
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and portable — weighs only 3.5 lbs.
  • 10-inch monitor with built-in anti-glare lights
  • Use with rechargeable battery or AC power
  • Create alarms and voice reminders in the calendar using AudioMinder
  • Save and share scanned documents and photos
  • Create photo albums and tag photos with voice labels
  • Choose from 20 different voices in different languages
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Eye Pal Ace Plus
Eye Pal Ace Plus
Our Price: $2,995.00

with this unique device, in the comfort of your home, via Wi-Fi connection, you can easily scan and send any document or send a voice attachment by email to your friends and relatives. You can browse the Bookshare online library and download books available with your subscription. You can also download any NFB Newline publication you choose onto the device with an NFB Newsline account. The device is capable of reading these downloaded books and publications the same way it does with scanned documents. Passwords and search criteria can be entered with the large, comfortable controls on the device, or by connecting a keyboard to the USB port. Eye-Pal Ace Plus weighs only 3.5 pounds and is easy to carry around. Its rechargeable battery allows you to stay connected when you're not near a wall outlet.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 100% spam-free email with the ability to attach voice messages, images and documents to easily stay in touch with family, friends and professional contacts
  • Ability to download books from Bookshare
  • Ability to stay on top of the news by downloading your favorite publications from NFB Newsline
  • User-replaceable, rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with refreshable Braille displays for near instant access in Braille from print, and downloaded material
  • Option to plug in USB keyboard for character entry
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