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Eye-Pal Vision
Eye-Pal Vision

Our Price: $2,495.00

Product Code: ABI200


Eye-Pal Vision is a smart magnifier that also reads aloud. Auto-focus, zoomable camera magnifies a pill bottle, recipe and other fine-print materials. When your eyes get tired, have Eye-Pal Vision read to you. Automatically determining an object’s size, Eye-Pal Vision adjusts itself to provide a true-to-life image and the most accurate OCR.

Eye-Pal Vision serves as a powerful electronic magnifier. View a family photo, a map, play Crossword or Sudoku puzzle magnified up to 14x.
Change contrast,color combination, and brightness of an image with a single key stroke.

Built in Scanning/Reading mode frees a person from the use of a tiring X-Y table that is ever-present in a conventional CCTV. Eye-Pal Vision reads aloud any text placed under its camera. Place a book, document or a piece of mail on the base and, in a few seconds, the text will be read aloud. It can be displayed on a monitor or home TV. Patent-pending motion detector automatically senses when a new page is placed under the camera. Zoom In up to 16x or Zoom-out on the displayed formatted text, change contrast and color combination with a stroke of a key. The document can be placed in any direction and Eye-Pal Vision will read it. Navigate through a document with hand gestures or arrow keys on the keypad. Everything is at your finger tips.

Even people with 20/20 vision can’t read the fine print on a medicine bottle, but, Eye-Pal Vision can! Place a bottle under the camera and see the text magnified up to 40x on the screen; in the same true font and magnification of your choice. Eye-Pal Vision can also display and read aloud fine print on your mail, magazines, or food packaging.

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