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Topaz Phd
Topaz Phd
Our Price: $2,095.00

The lightweight TOPAZ PHD offers the comfort and productivity features of a desktop video magnifier but folds away like a laptop. With auto-focus, a wide magnification range, intuitive controls, six default and 27 customizable high-contrast color modes, and adjustable reading lines and masks, the new TOPAZ PHD offers the freedom to independently read and view the details that matter in the home, office, classroom, or on the go.

  • Brilliant image quality that is easy to read at all magnification levels with magnification to 30 times (on a 15-inch monitor; up to 24 times on a 12-inch monitor)
  • Lightweight, collapsible, portable design
  • Choice of monitor sizes: 12-inch or 15-inch
  • Auto-focus camera
  • Six default and 27 configurable screen color modes for a total of 33
  • Document reading and self-viewing modes
  • Over 9 inches of working space to write and work comfortable
  • Adjustable reference lines and masks to easily keep your place and reduce glare
  • Find function to quickly zoom out, locate the next area of interest, and zoom back in
  • SD Card slot to quickly store images
  • USB PC connectivity when used with GEM software
  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • XY table for a smooth gliding motion while you read
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Our Price: $2,290.00

The VISIO 22 and VISIO 22+ provide extra magnification with a crisp, clear High-Resolution image. The VISIO 22 and VISIO 22+ magnify printed texts but also photos and other objects in full color or choose from a variety of contrasting colors. more info
Topaz EZ
Topaz EZ
Our Price: $2,295.00

Topaz EZ is simply uncomplicated magnification, with your choice of standard and high-definition (HD) models. The economical TopazEZ emphasizes ease of use with single-function controls and a standard-definition camera. For increased clarity and lower magnification, the TopazEZ HD has all the features of the standard-definition Topaz EZ but with an HD camera to provide superior image quality, a wider field of view, and a lower magnification range.

  • Magnification to 78 times (on a 24-inch monitor with the HD system)
  • Choice of monitor sizes: widescreen 20-inch or 24-inch
  • Custom high-contrast color modes
  • Color-boost contrast
  • Brightly-colored control buttons
  • Over 8 inches of working space to write and work comfortably
  • Comfortable swivel screen
  • LED lighting reduces glare
  • One-touch button to freeze images
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Our Price: $2,595.00

The TOPAZ desktop video magnifier blends practical performance with features and usability. The TOPAZ offers a standard-definition camera with a wide magnification range, but also includes advanced features such as Reading Lines and Masks, Focus Lock, Freeze Frame, and the Find Feature, along with 33 color modes. The TOPAZ also includes the unique Enhanced Full Color Mode - perfect for viewing newspaper print, photos, and maps.

The Topaz 20" magnification
zooms in between
The Topaz 22" magnification zooms in between 2.6x-68x
The Topaz 24" magnification zooms in between 2.9x-77x
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Topaz XL HD
Topaz XL HD
Our Price: $2,795.00

The ultimate desktop video magnifier, TOPAZ XL HD provides high-definition magnification with the sharpest image and the crispest text, allowing for low magnification levels that fit more text on the screen for faster reading and better comprehension with less fatigue. With its extra features and computer connectivity, TOPAZ XL HD is the video magnifier of choice for those looking for maximum productivity in work and school environments.

  • All the features of our standard Topaz and Topaz EZ models PLUS
  • High-definition camera to provide a crisp image that is easy to read at all magnification levels
  • Widest field of view to fit more text on the screen at once, for greater productivity with less fatigue
  • Position Locator to pinpoint the area you see on the monitor
  • Use with GEM® and OpenBook® Scanning and Reading Software to send the image from TOPAZ XL HD to your computer to read it aloud
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