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Dolphin EasyReader

EasyReader is an accessible software ebook reader, allowing users to read and listen to content through a combination of text, speech and images.

  • Read the highlighted text and speech with your favourite EasyReader voice
  • Change the fonts, text size, foreground and background colors
  • Instantly skip to any heading, page number, or bookmark
  • Search for words and phrases
  • Visually engaging and accessible user interface
  • Includes built-in zoom and 'speak to me' button and menu reader
  • Read DAISY, NIMAS, HTML, TXT, unprotected EPUB and more.
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PTP1 in black and white
PTP1 Pocket DAISY Player/Recorder

Read books, play music, keep memos, record - the PLEXTALK Pocket does it all, even when you're on the go. Small, slim, and light - at just over 2 inches x 4 inches and under 4 ounces - the PLEXTALK Pocket keeps up with your needs, whether in school, at the workplace, hanging out with friends, or at home reading a good book.

  • Play a wide range of file types - audio and text-based DAISY, MP3, WMA (unprotected), WAV (PCM formats), AMR-WB+, Ogg Vorbis, Audible Format 4, CDs (CD-DA) (External USB CD/DVD Drive), text, HTML, Word, and more
  • Record with DAISY 2.02 structure classroom lectures or meetings from the built-in microphone or an external microphone of your own
  • Wireless Web radio and podcasting
  • Navigate plain text files, HTML files and Microsoft documents by paragraph, sentence, word and character
  • Quickly save appointments, phone numbers, and deadlines by recording voice memos
  • Add headings to recordings, and use them to navigate as you play back
  • Share files between your PC and the PLEXTALK Pocket via wireless LAN or USB cable
  • Record in DAISY, and edit on your PC with included PRS Pro DAISY editing software
  • Speech Engine: Nuance Vocalizer (Tom and Samantha) The PLEXTALK Pocket is powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery for up to 10 hours of playback or recording. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
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PTN2 with and without simple navigation cover
Our Price: $375.00

The PTN2 satisfies both people who want the simple operations of the player, particularly for leisure readings, and people who need more complex navigation for professional use. With a cover on the PTN2, the more complex navigation keys are hidden, so you can easily operate the play function. When the cover is removed, you can operate additional functions, e.g. navigate a DAISY book by chapter, section, page, phrase, etc. You can enjoy DAISY digital talking books at your preferred sound volume. Using the navigation keys, you can select a specific page or chapter. The voice speed and tonal quality can be adjusted for easier listening. A bookmark can be placed wherever you desire to highlight a passage for reference. Voice guidance will guide you in the operations of all functions.

DAISY books and other content on a CD disc can be backed up to an SD card or a USB device. You can play music CD, as well as play MP3 or WMA music files on an SD card or USB flash memory. PTN2 supports text-based book playback by synthetic voices; DAISY text books, simple text, html, Windows doc. PTN2 play books from major content providers in U.S.A, NLS cartridge or BARD service, or Learning Ally books on a CD, SD card or USB memory.
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Dolphin EasyProducer converts word files into digital talking books
Super Nova Reader Magnifier

Reduce eyestrain and boost your accuracy and productivity by having long documents and web pages read to you with SuperNova Reader Magnifier. Ensuring you are always productive, the human sounding voices provide pertinent audio information when you need it. Sit back and listen to web pages or hover your mouse to hear ‘tricky’ text. SuperNova Reader Magnifier is perfect if your sight fluctuates or when your eyes start to tire. Ideal for people with low vision.

Crystal clear magnifier enlarges everything on screen up to 60 times
Natural sounding male and female voices speak documents and apps out loud
Touch screen magnification
Multiple Monitor support for: multitasking, delivering presentations or working closely with colleagues
Synchronized visual Highlighting, never lose your cursor or mouse pointer
•Color schemes reduce glare and maximise reading comfort

Get started quickly with: Setup Wizard, videos for learning and CAPS+F1 Help
Hundreds of main stream Office, web browser and leisure apps supported
Easy to press hotkeys for reading the screen or changing settings on the fly
Access to books, news, podcasts and radio
Scripting and API for developers to make almost any app accessible
Available in more than 20 languages
Specialist product support via phone, email or web
Portable on the USB Dolphin Pen, install from DVD or as a download
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Victor Reader Stream DAISY player
Victor Reader Stream

Download your favorite books and MP3s on your Victor Reader Stream Daisy MP3 Player and leave home with your library in the palm of your hand. The Victor Reader Stream's new compact design is 28% smaller, making a great on-the-go tool. This versatile, powerful DAISY-MP3 and NISO player lets you read and navigate through complex books, such as reference manuals and school books, as well as novels and magazines. You can also use its built in text to speech to read books in text format such as Bookshare. It is ultra-compact and sleek, you can take it everywhere. It stores everything in its SD memory card. The Victor Reader Stream fits in the palm of your hand and can easily be carried in a pocket or clipped on your belt in its attractive case. The Library Edition is a new package that includes a VictorReader Stream, an NLS book cartridge holder, an SD card packed with information, and headphones. Softpak features support of unprotected EPUB books, mp3 and wav recording, support of unprotected mp4 audio files, support of audible enhanced books and support of Microsoft Word 2007 DOCX Documents.


  • Changeable battery uses computer USB port or USB AC adapter
  • Built-in speaker
  • Self-voicing controls
  • Control speed to read at a pace comfortable to you
  • Sleep key halts playback if you fall asleep
  • Info like book title, time elapsed and remaining, number of pages and more is announced via information key
  • Page, chaper and song title announced by "Where Am I" key
  • Describer announces functions of each key
  • High contrast and tactile keypad makes for easy use
  • Software updated for free via wireless network
  • DAISY books browsable by chapter, section or phrase/word
  • Scan through text via paragraph, sentence or word
  • Find pages just like in a printed book via the "Go To Page" key

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Blaze Ez
Blaze Ez
Our Price: $695.00

For the first time, blind and visually impaired consumers have access to a pocket size book player integrated with OCR text to speech to capture and read aloud hard copy printed documents on demand.


  • Stand alone single button OCR capture and read
  • Large button control ands simple file structure
  • Play DAISY music and audio book files
  • Listen to a wide range of text files read aloud
  • Built in WiFi to acess online media, podcasts and internet radio
  • 12 GB internal flash memory
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • 1 Micro USB, 1 SD Card, Bluetooth
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Dolphin EasyConverter

EasyConverter empowers you to make reading materials and other information accessible to people with visual impairments and dyslexia. more info
Dolphin Publisher
Dolphin Publisher

Dolphin Publisher is designed for altFormat and DAISY specialists looking to create professional DAISY talking books. Dolphin Publisher is the ideal solution for publishers of DAISY talking books, professional transcription services, DAISY talking book librairies and specialist DAISY talking book producers in education.

  • Fully synchronised text and audio
  • Record your own audio there and then, use pre-recorded human audio, or add your favourite synthetic voice
  • Includes copyright tools for publishers to protect content from unauthorised copying and playback
  • Edit the audio by inserting pauses, as well as resampling, amplifying, silencing and fading the audio tracks
  • Insert foot notes, sidebars, producer notes and page numbers
  • Start from scratch or import an existing document
  • Import HTML or Microsoft Word documents, or type text directly into Dolphin Publisher
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