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PolyAndro 7

PolyAndro-7 leverages the Persona for Android app to provide text-to-speech output that is precise and clear. Persona for Android is an application for the Android tablet that develops interactive conversations for literate users, whether in person or on the phone. The device is light-weight, compact and easily carried. The PolyAndro-7 thinks one step ahead, increasing output speed with functions like word predictions and stored phrases. The user will be able to easily store and hold messages and program situational scenarios. The device offers many languages and a varying array of voices. The user has the option to turn the display forward so that the listener can see what they are saying, as they type.

  • Speaking options:
    • Speak Paragraph
    • Speak Sentence
    • Speak Word
    • Spell the Word
  • On-screen volume adjustment
  • Rate and pitch adjustment
  • Phrase bank
  • Create and edit phrases
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Display color control
  • Available in 16 or 32-GB
  • Screen size: 7"
  • Total size: 7.8 x 4.7 x 0.4"
  • Weight: .75 lbs
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Optimist MMX-3 Accessories
Optimist MMX-3 Accessories

Accessories for your Optimist MMX-3 Convert integrated Optimist MMX-3 into Speech Generating Device (SGD) Soft Carry Pouch (already supplied with MMX-3 except -30) Bump Sheet (finger-screen touch support, supplied with MMX-3 except -30) Quick Release Mounting Plate Progress Star USB IR transmitter more info
Grid Player Tablet
Grid Player Tablet
Our Price: $2,095.00

Grid Player Tablet is a new dynamic display tablet that enables you to speak clear messages everywhere you go. It is lightweight with a bright touchscreen display, and lasts a long time on a charge to keep you in the conversation all day long. You create and modify vocabulary pages on your Windows computer and save the pages in the cloud in a free, on-line account used to synchronize with your tablet any time it is connected to a Wi-Fi hot spot. That way you never have to take the device away from the user to update pages, and all support staff modify a single page set, eliminating multiple version. more info
Optimist MMX-3
Optimist MMX-3

With the Optimist MMX-3, ZYGO has enhanced a versatile PC to provide the loud, clear output and switch access input required for an AAC device. It's usable like a laptop from the keyboard and/or as a touch-screen tablet. It's durable, is drop and spill resistant, has a built-in carry handle, and will withstand the demands of everyday use. The Optimist-MMX-3 is available preloaded with a choice of AAC packages and a variety of speech synthesizers. Or, the unit is available without software so you can add your favorites. Dialects, dedicated Speech Generating Device (SGD) versions, are available for Medical Assistance requirements. They are identical in every way to the Optimist-MMX except non-communication functions are locked out. You choose the AAC program, but it will only run the AAC software you choose. The Optimist is an integrated communication system, while the Dialect meets the restrictive Medicare criteria as a dedicated speech generating device. The Medicare HCPCS code is E2510.

You can also turn the Optimist into an environmental control system by adding an Abilia (GEWA) Progress Star USB infrared transmitter which can be run directly from The Grid 2 or Tobii Communicator software. The Optimist MMX-3 has long battery life, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other features you are sure to appreciate.

Product Options:

  • Optimist MMX-30 (without software or accessories)
  • Optimist MMX-3W with Windbag 3, Acapela Speech for text-to-speech
  • Optimist MMX-3C with The Grid 2, Acapela, SymbolStix, and Widgit Symbols
  • Optimist MMX-3M with Mind Express, RealSpeak voices, and SymbolStix
  • Optimist MMX-3B with SDP/BM, SAPI, PCS
  • Optimist MMX-3V with Communicator, Acapela, SymbolStix
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Grid Pad Pro
Grid Pad Pro
Our Price: $3,745.00

Available in both 11” and 18”, the Grid Pad Pro touch screen offers a bright display with superb clarity that responds to the lightest touch. The powerful processor makes navigating between grids, applications and the internet a smooth and pleasurable experience. The revolutionary Grid 3 is included with every Grid Pad providing a complete AAAC solution for anyone, from beginners to experts. Fully featured with Symbol and Text communication, social media, in built browser, environment control, SMS and more. Inbuilt infra-red technology replaces the remote controls that normally operate TV, music and other similar systems. Also included is radio control technology that can operate sockets, alarms and relays. The Grid Pad Pro 11” has a tough, rugged outer case, offering extra protection should you need it.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for speakers and more
  • SD slot and USB ports
  • Speaker out (3.5mm)
  • Mini HDMI port for external monitors or TV
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Instant on/off via a single button means you can start communicating straight away, with no load time for Windows.
  • Both the Grid Pad Pro 11” and 18” include integrated stands to position the devices at the optimum angle for table top use. The mounting plate is compatible with REHAdapt and Daessy systems for floor stands and wheelchair usage
  • The responsive touch screen can be used with key-guards for your specific needs. There are two built in switch ports and a wireless switch receiver that works with our Wireless JoyCable accessory

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Tellus 4
Tellus 4
Our Price: $7,995.00

Tellus 4 is a very robust, wheelchair mountable dynamic screen communication aid. It’s a powerful computer-based device with a bright and clear 13.3” touch screen display. Offers a sleek design and a fast Intel processor, lots of memory and a large hard disk. The 13.3" capacitive touch screen displays a crisp and clear image suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Tellus 4 has two built-in batteries. You can replace the one hot swappable battery without shutting down the device to lengthen the portability time.


  • WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Intel core TM i5 processor
  • Weighs 7lbs
  • The size dimensions are: 13.2 x 10.2 x 1.5-2.4 in (33.5 x 26 x 6 cm)
  • Lasts between 7-10 hours
  • Integrated stereo speakers, microphone, high quality recording and playback
  • Equipped with Gewa infrared transmitter

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