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Image of Tactileview  Design Suite
TactileView Design Suite
Our Price: $995.00

TactileView Design Suite

The TactileView Design Suite imports complex graphics, convert them to simple line drawings. Better yet, once the images are created you can store them electronically or print them using an Index V4 Embosser or Swell-Form Machine for quality tactile printouts. Software compatible with XP and higher. The system consists of 3 main components: Tactipad Drawing Tablet, TactileView Design Software & the Audio Reading System. This interactive system is the perfect solution for classroom environment where collaboration between visually impaired students and teachers is essential. The program is a good tool for Math, science as well as Arts & Mobility.


  • Place drawing paper on tablet and use a pen or pencil to create images
  • Add braille and audio labels to create even more interaction
  • Powerful built function for producting tactile graphics
  • Store images on computer for later use.
For educators who are interested in pursuing the math and science braille reader,

Create tactile graphics quickly and easily

  • Draw tactile graphics using a tactile drawing pad, digital pen or mouse
  • Convert bitmap and scanned images into line drawings quickly
  • Add Nemeth braille math labels to your tactile diagrams - uses MathType equation editor
  • Add audio labels to tactile graphics for greater interactivity

Make braille/tactile graphs

  • Enter equations to automatically create tactile graphs – with braille!
  • Graph multiple equations on the same graph
  • Emboss pre-made graph paper – change dimensions and axis with ease

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