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ExpertMouse Trackball
Expert Mouse Trackball
Our Price: $89.99

The Expert Mouse Wired Trackball is the ultimate productivity enhancer that makes working at the desk quicker, more accurate and extremely comfortable for your hand and wrist. Featuring DiamondEye technology, the trackball uses optical tracking to precisely follow small flecks embedded in the large 55mm ball to provide smooth, accurate cursor control. The four buttons are customizable using our highly intuitive TrackballWorks software, while our award-winning Scroll Ring lets you quickly scan up and down web pages and large documents. Add it all up and you get exceptional comfort and ease-of-use that has set the industry standard for more than 20 years. more info
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 15
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 15
Our Price: $500.00

The all-new Dragon Professional Individual, Version15, a smarter next-generation speech recognition solution empowers busy professionals to complete documentation and reporting quickly and accurately on the PC, so you spend less time on paperwork and more time on activities that boost the bottom line. Leveraging the latest in Deep Learning technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations—even while you’re dictating—to deliver new levels of personalized accuracy and productivity. Robust transcription, powerful customization, and the ability to seamlessly sync with the Dragon Anywhere mobile dictation solution extend the benefits of speech recognition to meet your unique business needs wherever your job takes you.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal
Our Price: $500.00

Designed specifically for the legal industry, the all-new Dragon Legal Individual, v15, a smarter next-generation speech recognition solution for the PC empowers attorneys and other legal professionals to speed document turnaround and reduce transcription costs. Leveraging the latest Deep Learning technology, Dragon constantly learns and adapts to your unique voice and environmental variations to help you achieve new levels of personalized productivity and accuracy. A specialized legal vocabulary trained using more than 400 million words from legal documents enables you to quickly create and format case files, contracts, or briefs all by voice. Powerful customization, fast, accurate transcription and automatic formatting of legal citations further boost efficiency so you more time on serving clients and growing your practice.

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J-Say Pro Software
J-Say Pro

J-Say Pro brings together Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 11, from Nuance, and JAWS For Windows version 13, from Freedom Scientific. However although the product integrates these two applications, it also presents the User with an easy to understand interface enabling interaction with the computer using natural language and easy to remember and understand vocabulary.

  • Dictate text in a natural way and have it instantly echoed back to you.
  • Rapidly move through list items, words, lines, sentences and paragraphs and have the selected unit spoken back.
  • Use natural language commands to gain access to the many features of JAWS for Windows. For example, say the words "Be Quiet" to instantly silence the speech synthesizer, or "talk faster" and "talk slower" to change the rate of the speech.
  • Create J-Say Shortcuts which can reproduce lengthy text passages (such as twenty paragraphs) with a single voice command.
  • Take control of your Braille display with J-Say Professional. If you use a Braille display, it is no longer necessary to remember the key combinations to control the Braille output. These commands will also prove to be a tremendous advantage to people who can read Braille, but who do not have the dexterity necessary to press buttons or keys on the unit.
  • Scan and read your documents with easy-to-remember voice commands. J-Say Professional utilizes the power and flexibility of the Open Book or Kurzweil 1000 scanning packages to allow a person who is unable to use the keyboard or mouse to take advantage of this fantastic product.
  • Teach the software how you pronounce words and phrases, such as terminology of a technical nature, with our interface which allows you to easily add words and phrases to the vocabulary. Our special utility can also be used by sighted assistants if necessary. Alternatively, use the superb access to the NaturallySpeaking Professional correction system. J-Say Pro can speak the individual components of the correction dialogue box either in their entirety or individually.

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Inside One Braille Notebook
List Price: $5,495.00
Our Price: $5,495.00

Communicate, exchange and share with anyone.
The Windows 10 touch-screen tablet was specifically designed to enable people with visual impairment to communicate, share ideas and collaborate with sighted people effortlessly and productively. Interactions between parents and kids, teachers and students and peers at work become easy and natural. With insideONE, Braille input is instantly displayed on the screen and any typed text is simultaneously available on the integrated 32-cell braille display.

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ElBraille 40 Braille Notetaker
ElBraille 40 5th Gen
List Price: $5,695.00
Our Price: $5,695.00

The Future of Notetakers – Portable Windows® 10 with JAWS® and Braille

ElBraille 40 V combines the flexibility of a modern mainstream computer running the Windows® 10 operating system with JAWS® and a 40-cell Braille display with a full Braille keyboard to offer a fully accessible compact solution. (JAWS and Braille display sold separately.)
Students and professionals alike will appreciate being able to run any Windows application such as Microsoft Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, or Outlook®. Use FSReader to read DAISY books from sources such as or browse the internet with Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome® or Mozilla® Firefox.
Use your existing Focus 40 Blue 5th generation Braille display and your existing JAWS license:
If you already own a Focus 40 Blue 5th Generation Braille Display, use it with your new ElBraille 40. Your Focus 40 Blue 5th generation Braille Display will dock directly to your ElBraille 40. Also, if you own a current JAWS License, you can authorize it to work on your ElBraille 40.
Easy set up and troubleshooting by your IT staff – just plug in a monitor and a keyboard.
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