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FOCUS 40 BLUE - 5TH GENERATION OrCam Wearable Solutions

The newly improved Focus® 40 Blue, the most RUGGED portable Braille Display available, has been tested to rigorous standards.

This fifth generation of the Focus Braille Display line incorporates our vast knowledge base from manufacturing and servicing displays in the previous designs. The new housing is an aluminum extrusion on a steel base. Each Braille cell is physically isolated from its neighbors. The housing incorporates bumpers that absorb shock when the unit is dropped or knocked against a wall or door. The durable unit has been drop-tested to US Military Standard MIL-STD-810G.

A single smooth cell cap covers the Braille, so you feel only the Braille pins, no seams. Special attention has been paid to the dot keys and spacebar to ensure smooth positive feedback and quiet operation. The Braille pins have been retooled to provide a crisper, more uniform feel that you’ll notice with your first reading.


  • 40 Braille cells
  • 8-dot Braille keyboard
  • Smooth, paper-like feel
  • Convenient thumb key and panning buttons
  • Our exclusive NAV Rockers let you rapidly scroll by line, sentence, paragraph, or pan through a document
  • Menu button for quick access to settings
  • Adjustable key repeat for rapid scrolling and panning
  • Select your personal Braille firmness with VariBraille
  • Time and date display

Compatibility and Connectivity

  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity – switch between five Bluetooth devices and one USB connection
  • Out-of-the box compatibility with Apple® iOS* and Android devices
  • Use with JAWS for combined speech and Braille access
  • Use with JAWS for Braille Study Mode to learn and teach Braille
  • Works with JAWS BrailleIn™ for contracted Braille input in Windows®

*Requires iOS 11. Beta users of iOS 11 already enjoy connectivity

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Join us on October 17th between 12:00pm-6:00pm at Woodlake Technologies and get a complimentary demonstration of OrCam MyEye. See for yourself how OrCam can help you or your visually impaired family member or friend be more independent. Please RSVP on the link below so we can provide you with a personalized experience, and an OrCam professional will reach out to you to set a time for you to come in!

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Tactile maps
Tactile maps, especially those with an audio component, have myriad advantages:
  • They are cost effective
  • They allow for independent exploration and orientation in space to gather information leading to greater spatial awareness, independence and enhanced exploration.
  • They can display precise location of building entrances, points of interest and vital areas in public spaces. Can pinpoint sites of restrooms, ticket machines, fire escapes, subway access and any other important features particular to a given location.
  • Tactile maps can be used in interior spaces to allow blind or low vision individuals to navigate internal spaces and gain understanding of the routes needed to move freely and independently within a designated area.
Tactile Maps for Public Institutions
At Woodlake Technologies, we specialize in creating customized tactile maps which address the problem of navigating through the world when blind. Our maps give visitors a hands-on understanding of the venue and the spatial relationships of it’s landmarks. We create and produce tactile maps for campuses, schools, office suites, floor plans, public spaces and more.

Contact 312-733-9800 and e-mail
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