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Optional Microphone for Personal One to One Conversations
Our Price: $349.00

System includes:
SpeechWare 3 in 1 microphone with an on/off switch and a black 3' USB cable
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High Performance Microphone for use in Seminars and Classrooms
Our Price: $388.00

The High performance microphone to be purchased with the Interact-AS Professional use.

System includes:
  • Noise cancelling microphone headset
  • Beltworn Wireless FM transmitter pack
  • Wireless FM receiver
  • Recharging station
  • Adapter Inluded
  • Customized cable to connect the wireless receiver to the computer
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Intreact Software Screen Shot
Interact-As Professional
Our Price: $795.00

Interact-As is an instant closed captioning, anywhere and anytime. Interact-AS supports speech, typing and handwriting. In addition, individuals who are Deaf can directly communicate with people who do not know sign language; a person that is Hard-of-Hearing can now instantly see a closed-caption transcript of what’s being said, be it a conversation, a conference room discussion, a radio broadcast, or a video program. Also people that have difficulty writing or typing but have verbal skills, can use their voice to dictate memos, answer test questions, or generate text for documents and emails. Interact-AS gives a voice back to individuals who have lost the ability to speak (e.g., ALS patients) by voicing aloud whatever a person types or writes; and with the optional Language Modules. Interact-AS instantly translates conversations to and from foreign languages. Use Interact-AS wherever you go: at work, at parties, in stores, restaurants – instant communication anywhere, anytime with anyone and even in multiple languages.

  • Supports written, typed and spoken input
  • Automatic generation of transcriptions of your conversations
  • Written or typed words are instantly spoken.
  • Available in multiple languages including American and British English, European and Latin American, Spanish, European and Canadian French, Italian, German, Dutch, Arabic, plus many more…
  • Run Interact-AS on your PC or purchase an already configured system.
  • Visualize feature allows you to display and notate pictures, forms and videos further improving your ability to interact
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