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Haven Eye Wear
Haven Filters
Our Price: $39.80

Havens Fits are premium, polarized glasses that are designed to fit-over reading glasses or prescription frames in a style you can call your own. They feature a sleek, wrap-around lens that provides an unobstructed panoramic view - maximizing your peripheral vision and scenic view wherever you are.

· The lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB light rays and are polarized so they prevent reflective glare from causing eye discomfort.
· Havens are available in 3 tints: gray, amber and yellow–all of which are polarized.
· The lenses receive a ‘hard coat’ which offers 2 times more scratch resistance than ordinary sunglasses coating. Also, the lenses include a coating that repels water, oil, and smudges.
· A complimentary protective case included
Three different sizes available: Small, Medium and Large

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Solor Shield Eye Wear
Solar Shields
Our Price: $49.00

Now, Solar Shield Filters are available in five lens tints: gray, yellow, amber, orange, and plum. SolarShield contrast-enhancing filters are available in 3 frame sizes: Small, Medium (Oval), and Large. The small frame will fit patients with smaller eyewear or who don't wear eyewear, while the medium and large sizes will comfortably fit over a patient's normal eyewear.
· The yellow and plum poly-carbonate lens provides moderate blue light filtering, which is ideal for reading and watching television.
· The orange and amber poly-carbonate lens provides medium-range blue light filtering, which is ideal for contrast enhancement and improves visual acuity.
· The gray polarized lens provides true color representation and is ideal for outdoor as the polarization eliminates reflective glare.

*When ordering a Solar Shield refer to image two (2) to correctly order the designated shield.

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