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Easy Pocket Magnifier
Our Price: $94.40

The EasyPocket 3x and 4x features a unique 50x46mm aspheric/diffractive hybrid lens that is distortion-free and only 3 mm thick. Bright illumination is provided by new SMD LED technology that never needs to be changed. Plus, with a built-in automatic contact mechanism, the light conveniently goes on and off without a switch. The EasyPocket is protected by a strong glass-fiber reinforced plastic case that minimizes lens scratching. The EasyPocket 2.5x is one of a kind- it features a unique 75 x 50mm aspheric and for added appeal, it has a fold-out stand so users can write notes or use it as a hands-free illuminated magnifier.

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Handheld Magnifier
Magno EconomyLine 3.5x
Our Price: $100.00

1510s Are ideal for in-home uses such as looking up a phone number, setting the thermostat or reading the prescription on a medicine bottle. Portability makes them useful for spotting a price in the supermarket, reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant or looking at a map in the car.

  • Superior quality aspheric lens
  • Hinge on handle keeps top and bottom pieces together.
  • Eliminates alignment problems when closing the handle.
  • Noted for its simple maintenance in changing batteries and bulbs
  • Large raised on/off switch is easy for arthritic fingers
  • 1 year warranty

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MiniFram BiFo
MiniFrame Bifo 3D/4.5D Gun Metal Frame
Our Price: $125.00

With Eschenbach's new MiniFrame Bifo, low vision patients can now enjoy two different lens powers in just one pair of glasses! The MiniFrame Bifo is a unique pair of bifocals with two distinct segments designed for different focal lengths.

The MiniFrame Bifo is ideal for those individuals who need a low-powered reader for normal text, but who need a pair of high-powered prismatic eyewear to read fine print. The MiniFrame Bifo provides dual use value for reading and engaging in hands-free tasks such as hand writing or working in the kitchen.

A protective leatherette case is provided with each pair.

*Available in 3D/4.5D (Gun metal Frame) and 3D/6.5D (Gold Frame )- please specify when ordering.

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Image of maxTV
MaxTv 2.1
Our Price: $185.00

Maximize the size of TV screens with the easiest-to-fit, binocular, telescopic distance system ever introduced - MAXTV glasses!
These hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2.1x magnification AND can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately [±3 diopters], making the system adaptable to most patients!
The glasses will focus on objects from distances of 3 m [10 feet] to infinity, and are perfect for watching TV, sporting events, movies, theatre, bird watching, or any other distance viewing activity in which a magnified image would be helpful. With flexible temples, the MAXTV telescopic glasses are the most comfortable television viewing device ever.

Protective, sturdy, zippered case included

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Mobilux Magnifier Image
Our Price: $187.80

SMD LED illumination provides an alternative light source preferred by many patients due to its distinctly whiter spectrum and longer useful life. In addition to the bulbs offering nearly unlimited life (50,000 hours!), the batteries last 5 times as long as when used with incandescent bulbs! These features provide lower usage costs and make the magnifiers even easier to use! .


  • To soften the color of the light, small yellow filters are included which can be snapped-on over the LED bulbs to provide an illumination option
  • A comfortable, ergonomic handle with a large, easy-to-operate ON/Off switch
  • A battery compartment that uses high quality springs that makes changing the batteries a snap and a cover that opens and closes easily
  • A complimentary protective case that protects the lens cover and 2 AA batteries
  • PXM Plastic with Cera-tec Lens Coating
  • 10-16diopter
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Max Detail Clip 2x Magnifier
MaxDetailClip 2X
Our Price: $195.80

Designed for patients who have a refractive error and want the convenience of an off- the-shelf, near, telescopic system, the MaxDetail Clip allows both needs to be met. With its unique clip-on design, the MaxDetail Clip includes most of the same features of the popular MaxDetail: 2x magnification, hands-free design, large working distance, and wide field of view.

The MaxDetail Clip has a number of features that maximize its usefulness. First, there are 5 vertical lens heights from which to choose to assure correct pupil alignment. Second, the convenient hinged clip mechanism allows the lenses to be flipped up, and out of the way, when not needed or not in use. And third, the MaxDetail Clip is equipped with rubber-covered jaws to prevent the clip from scratching patient's eyewear.

  • 2x magnification
  • Galilean Telescopic system lens design
  • Wide field of view of 13 degrees
  • Large working distance of 16 inches
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    Markolux Stand Magnifier
    Our Price: $255.80

    Eschenbach's Makrolux magnifiers combine magnification and bright illumination with a unique easy orientation designed to reduce neck strain and fatigue while reading newspaper or magazine articles, scanning stock prices, or proofing accounting tables, the Makrolux will provide ideal reading light on every desk.

    • The forward-tilted angled lens supports a comfortable reading position, and the width of the reading area covers the column width of many newspapers and magazines. Plus, ridges on the bottom keep the lens 1mm off the reading surface to prevent scratches.
    • 2.2x Magnification and illumination: LED.
    • The aspheric lens with patented cera-tec scratch-resistant coating.
    • Case and 3 AA batteries included.
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    Powerlux  Stand Magnifier
    Our Price: $269.80

    The Powerlux offers the perfect solution for your low vision patients who are looking for maximum vision comfort and exceptional ease of use. Its award-winning shape is based on the ergonomic design of a computer mouse, providing a relaxed hand position when used over long periods of time. The mouse easily moves across any reading material by both right and left-handed users and, because the lens is located close to the hand position, it offers easy orientation so patients will not lose their place when reading.

    • This stand magnifier features an aspheric, 14 diopter lens (3.5x magnification). It is also available in a 20 Diopter lens (5x magnification) and a 28 diopter lens (7x magnification).
    • The Powerlux Plus, the Powerlux is available in two types of illumination options: cool blue/white or warm yellow.
    • The Powerlux's open design not only makes it easy to read, but also enables users the ability to perform small writing tasks such as signing documents or doing crossword puzzles.
    • Another advanced feature is the automatic shut-off function which turns the Powerlux off after 30 minutes.
    • Easy grip for easy orientation; can be used by both right and left handed users.
    • Nylon, hard case included.

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    Scribolux  Stand Magnifier
    Our Price: $318.60

    The Scribolux illuminated stand magnifier is perfect for writing checks, doing crossword puzzles or reading, because it features a large, open, viewing area for reading and writing. The functional design is complemented by a large 100mm x 75mm lens that provides 2.8x (7D) magnification

    • Limited lifetime warranty.
    • 2.8x (7D) Magnification
    • Lightweight lens
    • Includes a soft micro-fiber bag to protect lens.
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    Smartlux Video Magnifier
    SmartLux Digital
    Our Price: $595.00

    The SmartLux Digital is a revolutionary, portable video magnifier that has a multitude of features, all for a very economical price. The large 5" LCD TFT display provides 5x, 7x, 9x, or 12x magnification (even less when used in hand-held mode) along with 5 different viewing modes that include full color, black on white, white on black, black on yellow, and yellow on black. Illumination is provided by 2 hi-tech SMD LEDs and the tactile control buttons are easy to understand and use. Images can be captured and up to 20 can be stored. The SmartLux Digital features a generous depth of focus and includes a stand that, when placed in its fully extended position, is ideal for reading. When placed in its half-extended position, it is ideal for writing. The screen has a high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, is hard-coated for scratch protection, and is made with an additional anti-glare layer of film. There is an automatic shut-off feature that will activate between 2 and 5 minutes of non use to save battery time.
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