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J-Say Pro
J-Say Pro Software

J-Say Pro brings together Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional version 11, from Nuance, and JAWS For Windows version 13, from Freedom Scientific. However although the product integrates these two applications, it also presents the User with an easy to understand interface enabling interaction with the computer using natural language and easy to remember and understand vocabulary.

  • Dictate text in a natural way and have it instantly echoed back to you.
  • Rapidly move through list items, words, lines, sentences and paragraphs and have the selected unit spoken back.
  • Use natural language commands to gain access to the many features of JAWS for Windows. For example, say the words "Be Quiet" to instantly silence the speech synthesizer, or "talk faster" and "talk slower" to change the rate of the speech.
  • Create J-Say Shortcuts which can reproduce lengthy text passages (such as twenty paragraphs) with a single voice command.
  • Take control of your Braille display with J-Say Professional. If you use a Braille display, it is no longer necessary to remember the key combinations to control the Braille output. These commands will also prove to be a tremendous advantage to people who can read Braille, but who do not have the dexterity necessary to press buttons or keys on the unit.
  • Scan and read your documents with easy-to-remember voice commands. J-Say Professional utilizes the power and flexibility of the Open Book or Kurzweil 1000 scanning packages to allow a person who is unable to use the keyboard or mouse to take advantage of this fantastic product.
  • Teach the software how you pronounce words and phrases, such as terminology of a technical nature, with our interface which allows you to easily add words and phrases to the vocabulary. Our special utility can also be used by sighted assistants if necessary. Alternatively, use the superb access to the NaturallySpeaking Professional correction system. J-Say Pro can speak the individual components of the correction dialogue box either in their entirety or individually.

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NGT100-0001 J-Say Pro Single License
NGT100-0003 One to Two Version Upgrade
NGT100-0005 Software Maintenance Agreement
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